Working my way through a classic

There is nothing as fulfilling as finishing a classic.
One of those books that you always wanted to read, but just never had the time to read.
And now - you do. You're going to do this.


Except if that "you" is me and reading a classics is like reading a school textbook. It's a job, it's reading to read, not to enjoy yourself.


And am I going to do this? I'm doubting it since I've been struggling for a a week now to read Vanity Fair.


I like this book so far (page 160 - sign of my struggle), but it's just such concentrated reading. The moment I let my mind wander for just a sentence, I forget the plot completely and I have to go back and read the page all over again.

Sometimes, I think that it's just me that's struggling with this. Everyone else seems to read classic after classic (for example, who is able to finish the Rory Gilmore challenge with like a 100 classics on it?! I'll be 90 by the time I finish that) and I just can't even get through this one.

Never mind Jane Austen, who is despise (there will be a blog post about that frustration) or Beowulf which just went way over my head. 


Is it about finding the right classic? That's what people always told me and I must admit that I adored Madame Bovary and read through The Hunchback of the Notre Dame in no time. - Does this mean I'm secretly French?- 

But then I also really enjoy the story of Vanity Fair. I love Rebecca and her troubles and I really want to find out what happens with her.... I just can't bring myself to read all of it.


Am I really the only one struggling with this?