W Cafe at Piccadilly

Hi booklovers! As you might know, it was my birthday last week and as a birthday present, Waterstone's said I could pick up some free cake at their W cafe! Well, I'm not one to say no to free food OR to pass the opportunity to share this beautiful place with you.

This post might not be completely book-ish, but it's a cafe in a bookstore (the most beautiful bookstore in London), so I think it counts!

So this was the view from the cafe from where I was sitting. As you can see (kinda hopefully) it's an in-between level in Waterstone's. It's right at the back entrance of the store, so you have a view of Jermyn Street. Not only does that mean you can see beautiful old buildings, it also means that you can people-watch while no one can see it, which is perfect.


Even more perfect, is the amazing walls of books and magazines. In my left pic, you can see the wall of art books that are displayed in the cafe. It really reminds you that you are in a bookstore! See all those colours in the distance in the right pic? THOSE ARE ALL MAGAZINES. Gorgeous, glossy magazines that are all there for you to touch and buy. I don't even really like magazines, but this wall just made we want to buy all of them.


So that's my small review of the W cafe that you can visit after stocking up on classics at Waterstone's. It might not be books, but I think this is a damn good place to read all the books you've bought!