Give away post!

Sometimes, lovely readers, things work out perfectly. Like how I'm moving tomorrow and won't have any internet for quite some time. So no new reviews.

But fear not, I have something AMAZING to hold you over until then. My very first give away, in collaboration with other blogs.

I introduce the Bloodcurling Blowout 2014!

So what can you win and how? Well, I said I would give away a 10 dollar giftcard for Amazon (UK or USA). But because of my inactivity on this blog, lets make it a gift card for TWO winners, so there is are two chances to win a $10 dollar gift card! Or two of my favourite books I've read this year (for the readers who like a surprise!)

And that's not all. There's a Kindle Fire HD that can be won and a selection of book packages, composed thanks to the help of all the blogs of the Bloodcurling Blowout 2014, that can be found here

So how can you win all this stuff?

For the Kindle HD or prize packages, click on the rafflecopter below.


Want the giftcard or the two favourite books? Enter your e-mail address in the box below. On the 9th of September, I'll e-mail two winners who will be randomly picked by a computer program. 

Likes on this blog do not count towards the competition, since I have no way of checking who likes a post, so please enter your e-mail address.