First day of Nano meets Craigslist

July 1st - a beautiful summer day. The start of the summer for many people. One of the busiest days at the airport.

For writers, the day that hell begins. Or, as hell prefers to be named, “nano camp”.

Can anyone in the world remind me why I signed up to do this?

I kind of forget about camp already, until late yesterday evening. And immediately, I decided to make some changes to my plan.

50,000 words? Not going to happen my friend. My goal is to write every single day, but to not pressure myself into a word count. Between blogging, reviewing, reading and subediting, I will not have enough time to reach the goal I wanted to reach. So I just want to motivate myself to write every single day, no matter how tired I am.

So today I continued working on a short story I made up with a friend. The prompt? Looking at Craigslist and making a story out of some of their ads. Here’s a little preview of what I’m working on.

He really shouldn’t have eaten that chicken masala before calling her. Flashbacks of 6th grade Indian Day go through his mind as he tries to not think about the stench of the restroom facilities after he quietly snuck out. He doesn’t really know what her job description entails, but he can make a safe bet that he doesn’t have enough money to make her clean up his poopy-pants. 

Poopy-pants? Really? You still think about poopy-pants, but yet you got yourself in this situation? Right, his situation. That needs sorting rather quickly, judging by the look on her face.

What was her name again

“Sorry, what was your name again? It slipped my mind,” he almost went for an innocent face, but then remembered the situation he was in. Innocent was definitely not appropriate here. Or was it?

“Honeybuns, you can call me whatever you want. Candy, Paulina, Victoria - if you’re into uptight Victorian shit.”

“Right, so.. Candy.”

Is it random? Definitely, but then what do you expect from Craigslist? Anyone else ever tried a prompt like this? How did it work out?