If you liked Solitaire...



This was inspired by the fact that I loved Solitaire and wanted to read a book like it. And what did I discover? It's not on www.whatshouldIreadnext.com - so here's my own little mini list.

Solitaire is all about finding your place as a teenager. It deals with high school, romance and a fair bit of mystery, all set in the UK. Need more books like that? I have 5 other great reads for you (links are to my reviews or the Goodreads page of the book):









This Song Will Save Your Life - Leila Sales

problems fitting in

Elise is basically Tori. They struggle with a lot of the same things - only Elise finds a different way out. It's Solitaire, without the mystery, but a big bonus of music.








The Rehearsal - Eleanor Catton                  

experience drama in high school

This is a bit of an outsider in the selection. It's not a YA book, but it deals with girls at high school. A scandal breaks lose and influences more lives than expected. How do the girls deal with this? Just like Tori, these girls have to change their outlook on life.








    Pretty Little Liars - Sara Shepard         

 for all the mystery you need

Do these books still need an introduction? Four high school girls suddenly get mysterious texts from A - and all their secrets are about to be revealed. If you loved the Solitaire element in Solitaire, you'll like these books too. 







This Is What Happy Looks Like - Jennifer E. Smith

Quirky romance

Solitaire is so wonderful, because of the relationship between Tori and Michael. In This Is What Happy Looks Like the love situation is completely different, but the relationship is still as quirky and fun.










WILDCARD: Never Let Me Go by Kazou Ishiguro

for your trip to England

Just like The Rehearsal, this book reads completely different. But did you enjoy the Britishness of Solitaire? Then pick this book up - it also includes a boarding school backstory and a whole lot of mystery. What kind of people are they creating at Hailsham?


Any books you would add to this list?