Daily Writing Inspiration - Gone Girl

There’s something disturbing about recalling a warm memory and feeling utterly cold.
— Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn


I just saw a pre-premiere of Gone Girl in the ultraswanky (that's a word from now on) Odeon on Leicester Square. Now I must say that I usually don't like to see adaptations of books that I enjoyed (SPOILER for the review of Gone Girl that will be up tomorrow), but I was so very impressed with this movie.

It's always important to not try and compare books and movies, but honestly, who are you kidding when you said you don't? 

There were lots of book conversations kept in the movie, the flashbacks felt the same and my God Rosamund is an amazing Amy. The general themes of the book were also kept, though they tweaked the ending just a little bit (but not annoyingly and they keep the big plot twist).

Moviegoers who haven't read the book will probably enjoy the movie more, because of the unexpected turns, but I expect most of my readers will have read the book. So this is just a little post to say: Go see it this weekend. It's amazing. Give it a shot.