Blog changes

Hello everyone!

For those of you who are reading the blog regularly, you might have noticed some of the things I'll talk about already. However, since more and more people are finding me every day (THANK YOU for that!), I figured I had to post a little explanation.

As you might know, The Beauty of Literature used to be a YA blog. I only read YA books and that meant that all the reviews I posted were of the genre. Towards the end of last year, I started to spread out and read different things. This made blogging uncomfortable for me: what do I do with this YA platform that I created? Some people suggested a second blog, other suggested a revamp,... I knew I didn't have enough time to run two blogs and that I didn't want to lose the readers of this blog.

So things slowly started to change. While I'm still lost at what to do with my YouTube channel, I started posting reviews of all the books I read on here. As you can tell, that's a lot of Lost Generation currently. This reflects not only my thesis topic, but my personal passion right now. I'm in love with stories of the roaring twenties and I love exploring my feelings about them. This is nothing new - the quote on the banner of my blog comes from F. Scott Fitzgerald, a writer I always admired.

However, it has turned my blog in a bit of a mix of stuff. There's Rainbow Rowell right next to Hemingway - something I wasn't sure people would enjoy. I decided to just give it a go and the last few months have been better for the blog than ever. I get more visitors and I can tell that, though there seem to be different audiences for YA and classics, it doesn't seem to put off either group that there's diversity on here.

Still I felt like this blog could be more organised now that so many genres are mashed together - some people only want YA and some people only want contemporary books. Hence the new layout. All my posts will be on the main page (basically the one you're on right now), but they will also be categorised from now on. When you click on "Reviews" at the top, you'll see there are several options. You can pick the newest reviews, YA or Contemporary reviews. This means you see what you want to see. If you only want my YA posts, click on that and that's all you get. The Lost Generation heading will combine all my posts about that topic. This way it's easier for everyone to navigate the blog.

As I close, I want to say that I still love YA and think some of the best stories are found in the genre. This is no bashing at all of Young Adult and though I read it less, it just shows me that YA books are just as good as any other story. I will always post about YA, because the books that relax me the most are those books. However, this new mixture of genres reflects more of who I am and will make blogging more fun for me - and hopefully more enjoyable for you too!

Thank you for everything and for being on my blog,