Firefly - P.M. Pevato

If you have following my reviews for a while, you’ll have discovered that I’m not a fantasy fan. My bookshelves on Goodreads only really have the True Blood books on it (LOVED those btw – maybe a review is in order when the new season starts), and I recently finished Under The Skin (review here) due to my Scarlett obsession – but that’s about it.


However, I hope you also noticed that I like to review each book in its own genre and for its own worth. There is no point looking at a book like The Fault In Our Stars in the same way as Under The Skin. So when I was contacted by P.M. Pevato to review her book Firefly, I jumped at the chance. I love reading books that I normally wouldn’t pick up and I love the passion she had for her own story.

Firefly is about Tessa, or Bugs as her friends call her, and her witch coven. There are weird things happening in their small town and the witches have to figure out what is going on. The reader switches between Tessa’s point of view and that of William – a witch hunter. I don’t want to give any big plot points away, but I think about 80% of you can guess where this is going.

I appreciate fantasy for the creativity of the author and this book is proof of this creativity. I could never think of a whole structure of a witch coven and how they interact. However, besides the creativity, the book didn’t do too much for me.

The characters remained rather flat and I felt like I didn’t get enough insight information about Tessa and William. The book was very action-focused and I would have loved some more inner dialogue from the main characters. I have heard this book is the first in a series, so maybe there will be more character depth in the second book, but for now… It just wasn’t enough to get me really involved with any of the characters. This was further enhanced by the many short sentences in the book. There just wasn’t enough description and when there was, the short sentences made it feel rushed – like the reader doesn’t have the time to really take it in. But I guess this is a very personal preference of mine for medium to long sentences.

The ending left me slightly confused, but I guess that’s fair enough since it will urge people to want the second book of the series.

It was a decent read and I think that if you are into fantasy, this might be your quick-to-read beach book that leaves satisfied, but not completely blown away.