John Steinbeck - With Your Wings

Is it ever too late to gush about Christmas presents? In my opinion, no. Besides a very exciting announcement that will come soon and also has to do with one of my presents, I want to share another one with you already.

As you might remember, I gushed in November about The Strand Magazine releasing a new Steinbeck story. I wanted to read the story soooo badly, but it turned out that the magazine is nearly impossible to get in Europe.

But thankfully, mothers always know how to do things that we (or at least I) can't do. So Christmas Eve, I got Strand Magazine with a new, original Steinbeck story in there!

Isn't it a beauty? The magazine mostly focusses on detective stories, so it's not really my style, but I love this cover. It is so mysterious and dark and perfect for the rainy cold winter weather.


The story is called With Your Wings and I didn't want to take too many pictures because it really is a short story. In the layout of the magazine, it was just one page (stretched longer by the beautiful image below that was added to the story) and I don't want to put the whole story online.


I can't say too much about it without giving everything away, but it is a story about war, identity and race. Due to the current race issues in America, I think the story is more relevant than ever and many people will probably relate to it on one level or the other. If you can get your hands on this magazine, I definitely would. The story is short, leaves you wanting more, but it is so wonderful to finally read some new Steinbeck material!