Series I Need To Finish

Oh boy, where to begin here? I'm the queen of not finishing book series and to give myself a little kick up the butt, I figured this list would be a good way to help me start these series again. Since most book series are YA series, this list consists pretty exclusively of that genre.

Here we go....

1. Harry Potter

Why don't I just start off with the most offensive one of the list? While I have some vague memory as an early teen reading Harry Potter, I'm not sure if I ever read all of them. So I decided a re-read was in order.... in 2014. I bought the fancy new copies and told everyone that I was finally going to experience Harry Potter in its full glory. I loved book one, was annoyed by the similarity of book two, LOVED book three, was slightly bored with book four because I already knew what would happen (I knew it with the other books too, but book four is such an action driven story that I couldn't enjoy it) and wanted to punch Harry in the face in the beginning of book five. So I stopped.

While I enjoy the amazing world building of J.K. Rowling, Harry is a brat throughout the whole story and when he hit his teenage peak in book five, it meant I couldn't handle anymore. I want to finish this series, because all the other characters are amazing - Hermione is wonderful, Ron is funny, the twins are amazing,... If only someone else was the chosen one!


2. Percy Jackson

Another offensive listing, but one that's on here because I love it so much. You've read that correctly, I haven't finished the Percy Jackson series because I love the books so much and don't want it to end. I'm currently on book four of The Heroes of Olympus series - a series that has five books, so I'm almost finished.

However, Percy has been such an amazing character and I love reading the books so much, that I want to savour them. Between reading for the blog and a neverending reading pile for uni, there never seems to be a good time to just sit down and fully focus on Percy for a few days. Until I have that luxury, I won't be finishing this series - though I'm dying to know how it ends!!








3. Throne of Glass

A more recent YA favourite that has a lot of readers really excited. The reason why I read book one of this series, A Throne of Glass, was simply because people were excited about it. I'm not into fantasy, the covers don't appeal to me and the synopsis of the books sounds too video game like for me to enjoy. But I want to know what other people love and why they love it, so I was excited when I started reading this.

The reason this series is not finished is because I'm not that motivated to finish it. While the first book was an enjoyable read and better than I expected, it just didn't strike a cord with me. I understand why so many people love these books, but with another 50 unread books just lying around, this series is at the bottom of my list. Sorry, Sarah J. Maas fans!






4. His Fair Assassin  

And the wildcard - the series that is inexplicably on this list and which I am even surprised I haven't finished yet: His Fair Assassin. I read book one, Grave Mercy, and was OBSESSED. These books are basically like one of my favourite tv-shows, Reign, and I loved reading every single page.

However, when I finished book one, I didn't have book two yet. I needed to buy it, which meant it would be a few days before I could start reading it. That's when I made the ultimate mistake: I picked up another book. And by the time the second book in the series arrived, I was already in another world with other characters. I even brought this book to my trip to Boston, figuring it was the perfect plane read, and stranded after 20 pages. I'm out of it. I lost the world. And it's all my damn fault. But these books are perfection, and I can't wait to lose myself in them once again.







So what series are you not finishing and why? Any of my list on it?