Top 5....Most Frustrating Characters

As you might be able to tell, I LOVE doing these top 5 posts! And since it's Wednesday, there's a new one - my top 5 most frustrating characters.

This one is quite open, because frustrating can mean a lot of things. I chose to pick characters that frustrated me because there was SO much potential for them and they just didn't live up to it.


1. America - The Selection series

My absolute number one, and easiest to pick, is America from The Selection series. Now don't get me wrong, I love these books (just like another one on this list) and thoroughly enjoyed reading the series, but America is just so annoying. She gets this amazing opportunity to marry a prince and really change a lot for the (pretty crap) world she's living in, yet she's so weak. She faints. She gets angry about the dumbest things. She worries about stupid stuff. She doesn't worry about things she should worry about. The list goes on and on. I just wanted her to be so much more than she was and I really expected more growth from her during the series.



2. Lola - Lola and the Boy Next Door

Lola is another character whom I had high expectations for, but just fell flat. I loved Anna and the French Kiss and I was so excited to start reading Lola and the Boy Next Door. Now I knew Lola wouldn't be another Anna (what would be the point of the book then? ), but Lola irked me the whole time. I didn't get her obsession with fashion. She wore wigs, weird dresses,... Basically anything and everything so she could just stand out from the crowd and not be like other girls. A memo to Lola: other girls are pretty okay too. I didn't like her, I didn't like her storyline and if I had to read one more description of one of her ugly outfits, I would have cried.



3. Bianca - The DUFF

Bianca from The Duff really had the opportunity to take a Frankie Landau-Banks sized stand against bad boys and for feminism, but she didn't take it. Bianca was called fat and ugly by a guy and she slept with him. She fell in love with him. SHE FORGAVE HIM FOR CALLING HER THAT. Sorry Bianca, we just can't hang. I get that she has low self-esteem, but again, she could have fixed that or worked on it during the book. Instead, her self-esteem depends on the guy who called her ugly and fat. Good luck with that relationship, Bianca.




4. Nathan - Half Bad

Everyone raved about Half Bad, so I went in with really high expectations. And that's probably why Nathan is on this list. I didn't dislike him, but he was kinda nothing to me. He doesn't really do much, doesn't really think fast, doesn't really mean anything.... Like a lot happens to him and I felt really bad for him, but he doesn't redeem himself. However, it's the first book of the series, so I hope he becomes more active in the other books and takes charge of his future a bit more. 





5. Aaron - Trouble

Now I have to say, I absolutely LOVE Trouble. It's an amazing read and I thoroughly enjoyed all the characters and even Aaron. So why is he on this list? I wish he had more personal growth and the fact that he didn't frustrated me so much. Aaron is confused and damaged at the beginning of the book and though he does make a journey, I wish it was more clear how he evolved and what his future looks like. I love Aaron and just wanted him to work through his issues a tad more so he could really be happy.