UKYA Extravaganza - Eve Ainsworth interview!


Hello everyone, if you have been reading this blog for a while you'll know that 1. I love you and 2. I've been trying to read more UK YA books. I am fortunate enough to be part of the UK YA Extravaganza blog tour AND to interview one of the most awesome authors coming to the Extravaganza on the 28th of February in Birmingham. (All the information of the official Twitter here). 

The author I got paired up with is Eve Ainsworth, the author of the newly published, and already crazy popular, 7 Days! It's on my to be read list for a while, because the reviews have been amazing and the book tells the story about bullying from both the victims and the bullies side. If you want to read why Eve chose that topic, read an interesting post here



Hi Eve, first off: Congratulations on the publication of 7 days! How does it feel to be a published YA author? 

Absolutely amazing and just a little bit mental. This is the moment I’d dreamt about for so long. I can’t believe it’s finally here – I’ve done it!

What gave you the idea to write about bullying?

I think it’s always been in the back of my mind, somewhere – hidden away. When I started working at a local secondary school, I was really exposed to it. I became aware of the the different experiences students were having and perhaps more interestingly, I was talking to those that bully. 


Was it important for you to add the perspective of the bully (since that’s usually neglected in YA)?

Yes, very much so. There are always two sides to a story. In a court of law, we always hear the defence for a crime. In fact, this has always interested me. I like to know why someone might act in a way that we cannot understand or forgive. There are normally always reasons. No one is born a bully.

Is UKYAextravaganza the first book convention you’ll attend as an author and how excited are you for it?

I guess it’s the first public one I’ve attended. I was invited to the Scholastic Blogger Bookfest which was amazing and gave me a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the UKYA blogging community. 

I’m always excited to have the chance to meet more authors, bloggers and readers. I think the celebration of UKYA s a wonderful thing and it’s great to see it growing in strength. I’m proud to be part of it.

What are you looking forward to most?

Being part of an amazing group of authors. Hopefully talking lots about 7 Days.

Any co-author you look forward to meeting?

All of them, seriously. They are all amazing, I’m honoured to be part of it.

Anything that makes you nervous about UKYAextraveganza ?

No not really. I guess I’m a little nervous about reading my book out loud again (only because I hate the sound of my own voice!)

I think its such a supporive environment, it would be hard to feel nervous.

Any fab UKYA book suggestions for the readers?

Seriously – there are too  many! 

Great reads of mine include Emma Haughtons – Now You see Me, Claire Furniss Year of the Rat and Non Pratt’s trouble. (Emma: Can't wait to pick these up!)

I also love anything written by Keren David, Hilary Freeman and Helen Grant.

And I’ve just started reading Sarah Crossan’s Apple and Rain which is gorgeous. 



Quick fire questions!

Favourite book?

The book Thief

Favourite narrator?

Paddy Clarke ( Paddy Ha ha)

Least favourite narrator?

Erm....difficult one, but i never took to Mrs Dean in Wuthering Heights. 

Favourite place to write?

In my garden

Favourite book cover

I love Liz de Jeager’s Banished. I love Anna McKerrow’s cover for her new book Crow Moon

I’m also just a little bit fond of mine.....