Angels in the Snow - Matt de la Peña

Until Christmas, I will be reviewing the short stories from My True Love Gave To Me. There will be a review every other day. These will be shorter than the usual reviews and will always include the same criteria on which they will be graded.

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HUMOUR: ★★★/5



It's a real Christmas story!! The third short story in My True Love Gave to Me is Angels in the Snow and this made me really feel like it was Christmas.

Shy lives in New York where he studies at NYU on a full scholarship. It is Christmas and Shy doesn't have the money to go back home and see his family so he cat-sits the cat of a friend. While he thinks he is completely alone in the apartment building (it is Christmas after all), it turns out there is someone else there: Haley.

As you can already guess, the romance factor is high in this short story. The two meet and though there is instant attraction, there is also lots of stuff complicating the situation. But my god, did I love Shy and Haley. They are realistic characters, young people that are worried about their futures, their lives, their school, their family,... I really could imagine both of them being my friend.

There is also the added theme of poverty and sharing when it's Christmas. And then there is a ton of snow (honestly, it's not really Christmas in books or movies when there isn't any snow) and Christmas music.

This story was reading a contemporary Dickens where you do not only enjoy the story, but also think about the real meaning of Christmas. Be grateful this year if you are with your family and have food to eat - it's more than a certain character in this book has...