The Lady and the Fox - Kelly Link

Until Christmas, I will be reviewing the short stories from My True Love Gave To Me. There will be a review every other day. These will be shorter than the usual reviews and will always include the same criteria on which they will be graded.

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Christmas feels: ★★★★/5

Romance feels: ★★★/5

Characters: ★★★/5

Humour: ★★★/5

Originality: ★★★★★

Wow Kelly Link, talk about a completely unexpected Christmas story! I will be rating these stories from favourite to least favourite at the end and if there was a rating for originality, I am pretty sure this one would win!

Miranda is a young girl with a mother in Thai prison, so she celebrates Christmas with her mother's best friend Elspeth (I love that name!) and her son Daniel. One Christmas, Miranda sees a man standing outside. He can only appear when it snows and she has no idea if he is a ghost or real person...

I really liked this story because it reminded me of A Christmas Carol. Christmas and the supernatural work well together in my mind - it is the season of miracles after all. I also never read anything from Kelly Link before, but I adore her writing style; it's clear, concise and leaves enough mystery.

If you are looking for your typical Christmas story, then this isn't for you, but if you want something new and different, you'll love it!