Krampuslauf - Holly Black

Until Christmas, I will be reviewing the short stories from My True Love Gave To Me. There will be a review every other day. These will be shorter than the usual reviews and will always include the same criteria on which they will be graded.

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HUMOUR: ★★★/5


"What am I reading?"

I'm almost certain everyone who starts Krampuslauf by Holly Black asks themselves that. There is some kind of big festival going on, in honour of Krampuslauf (who is a cooler Satan I guess) and it's the middle of the year. So okay, why is this story here? 

Pretty soon though the focus switches to New Years Eve and a party a group of friends want to throw. I really don't want to give anything away because the whole story is a roller coaster ride of "huh??", but there are elements of magic, fantastical creatures and a lot of other characters that I've never seen in a Christmas story before!

So how to rate it? It's honestly the hardest one to talk about from all the short stories so far. I hated the beginning, because I was just so confused. And then it kinda grew on me - there's magic and I guess magic is Christmas? I just like my stories a tad more traditional, but I'm sure this is a great short story for people who are sick and tired of cliché Christmas stories. I'm just not one of those people yet.