What the Hell Have You Done, Sophie Roth? - Gayle Forman

Until Christmas, I will be reviewing the short stories from My True Love Gave To Me. There will be a review every other day. These will be shorter than the usual reviews and will always include the same criteria on which they will be graded.




HUMOUR: ★★★★/5


I was a tad worried when I started reading this short story by Gayle Forman. All the books I've read from her have been absolutely heartbreaking. And coming so close to Christmas, I just didn't want any heartbreak stories, but warm fuzzy ones (I know I use fuzzy in every review, sorry but I can't help it). Thankfully What The Hell Have You Done, Sophie Roth? shows that Gayle Forman can do cheerful and happy stories, while still showing us great characters and incorporating just the right amount of sadness to make this a true Christmas story.

Sophie Roth is a big city girl who is now going to a small liberal arts and science college. And making a fool out of herself while being there. Until she meets Russell, who is the first person who truly understand her. With only a few days left before Christmas, and no one else left on campus, the two decide to make the best out of this night.

The plot might sound kinda boring - or very similar to Angels in the Snow, but it isn't. What I loved about this story is that it is such a simple plot, so I could imagine myself in the story. No 'real magic' as in other short stories, but just magic between people. Russell and Sophie make each other feel more happy and isn't that the real magic of Christmas? 

I also just really really liked Sophie and Russell together. They have great banter and constantly teach each other new things. The short story leaves the ending kind of open, but I hope these two end up together (hopefully in a full-length novel - I NEED MORE!!).

Gayle Forman, please always write cheerful short stories from now on. I adored What the Hell Have You Done, Sophie Roth?.